May 30, 2021

iMarble Large Format Slabs - Large Slabs for Bigger Ideas

QUTONE Ceramics brings Italian Opulence to India by launching Mega Slabs

The Intelligent Marble

Large format slabs have special clean and dynamic aesthetics, immediately giving a refined look to the room. The spacious look to the room almost makes it seem like a stress-free escape. The color choices are nearly limitless, from elegant whites to sophisticated beige's to soft creams and soothing ivories. When kept next to a stone, it almost becomes impossible to spot the difference. Moreover, the reasonable price range vis a vis to stone makes it even better.

iMarble mega Slabs, displaying elegant veins are available in Classy Marble and granite, stone and wood patterns in 100 plus designs to create surreal ambiances. From stone to concrete, metal, and even wood, porcelain slabs have a look that can be easily adapted.

Features of iMarble Mega Slabs

arge format Tiles Slabs require fewer grout lines and hence less requires cleaning and maintenance. They are extremely durable and strong with 8 mm and 6 mm of thickness.

They are scratch- and spill-resistant as well.

iMarble is sturdy, almost making it unbreakable. Additive advantage of very low porosity makes it impossible for liquids leaving stains. This brings to light that porcelain tiles have low capacity of absorbing liquid, comprising to be the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

It doesn’t decay or deteriorate, its rejection towards humidity, closes room for the possibility of warp, stain, or malformed.

Available Sizes:

Large format Tile Slabs are available in different sizes with thickness of 8mm, 6mm:

120x300cm; 100x300cm; 120x124cm; 80x240cm, 80x160cm; 120x120cm, 1200x1800cm

Large format Tile Slabs are available in the below finishes/textures:

Polished, Matt, Polish Pearl, Sugar

Qutone Ceramic’s invention has a heap of benefits, iMarble is a game-changer in the industry.

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