July 14, 2021

Qutone Ceramic on a drive to protecting the environment

In the past several years there has been a surge in organizations being more sustainable and environmental friendly. Qutone too has taken steps, contributing for a greener future. Building environmentally friendly designs is becoming our top priority; we comprehend the effects of our actions. Ceramic tile is a leap towards being environmentally sound.

Ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly from manufacturing to the end of its life cycle.

Environmental Perks:

The inherent thermal mass of ceramic tile minimizes peak heating and cooling, in turn moderating temperature swings, reducing the use of HVAC systems, and saving energy. Ceramic tiles are made of naturally occurring raw materials like clay and minerals; Mainly these are outsourced from less than 500 miles of the production plant. This indeed helps in decreasing emission and energy. Moreover, tiles are very durable and sturdy, they need not be changed for years to come. The tile’s life-cycle maybe as long as the building, thereby, the whole process of installation and disposal might only have to be considered once. Tile finishes are among the few surfaces that can be salvaged in a major renovation, and tiles can also be repurposed for other interior or exterior decorative projects. 

It has many environmental benefits, Qutone’s little step towards the environment. Moreover, Qutone firmly believes on reusing waste, the clay and polishing top is reused in making different exterior tiles which can soak water. Qutone tries its best to minimize wastage and being environmentally sound

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