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Qutone’s Brand Philosophy

  • Since its inception, Qutone’s persistent effort was to emerge as a the most admired & respectable Brand in Indian Ceramic Industry through Innovative Design & Technology.
  • Qutone’s approach was to provide indigenous Ceramic Products to Indian Consumers having high fondness towards Italian Marble & Tiles and had empathy towards imported ceramic products from Europe.
  • The Trend-setting Designs & Tile Concepts developed by Qutone paved the path for exemplary future growth and Qutone becoming the Innovation Leader in Indian Ceramic Industry.
  • Qutone was the first Indian Ceramic Manufacture having a Brand Ambassador. Bollywood megastar Mr. Anil Kapoor is the Global Brand Ambassador of Qutone to represent the “Classic & Modern” combination, Agility and Perfection of Qutone as India’s Luxury Tile Brand.
  • Besides In-shop Branding at more than 500 Dealer Outlets across the country, Qutone have persistent presence in Trade Magazines, New Papers, Outdoor Hoardings, Social Media, FM Channels, Domestic & International Trade Fairs to strengthen the Brand Awareness and Brand Recall amongst the target segments.
  • Qutone endeavors to cater to the niche segment of Ceramic Lifestyle Products and offer delightful experience to its consumers through Innovative Designs & Products.

Qutone’s Environment Philosophy

  • Qutone strictly adheres to Health, Safety & Environment guidelines
  • Qutone uses 100% Green Fuel (Natural Gas) of the production of tiles. This reduces green gas emission and doesn’t impact on ambient air quality.
  • Qutone deploys competent agency for Waste Disposal & Management to ensure minimum impact on the eco-system & environment.
  • Qutone recycles more than 50% of its Waste Water and reuses that for production process. Water, the most precious resource is used with utmost responsibility.
  • Qutone recycles 100% of its wasted semi-finished material (Green Waste, waste Clay etc.)
  • Qutone is in process to set up recycling unit to recycle fired clay to reduce solid waste output.

A System Driven Company

  • Qutone implemented SAP in 2014 for quick, efficient and transparent business process.
  • SAP integrates all verticals & departments and enables us to manage raw materials, production, storage, inventory, dispatches and accounts efficiently.
  • SAP has effectively enhanced the performance of Sales, Production & Finance Management and thereby a delightful buyer-seller relation has got strengthened with our Clients & Vendors.
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