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July 14, 2021

Strong Forever!

A piece of art is what life is!

Beautiful, energetic, inspiring and promising!

So are we.

We are Qutone - a World-class Ceramic Brand that spells QUALITY!

We at Qutone has a never die attitude to present the BEST whatever the circumstances be!

We, at Qutone, never stop.

Working, designing and striving to provide our customers with the supreme experiences they can have.

These have been challenging times for everyone around the world where a lot of ongoing ventures and practice came to halt.

But we are marching ahead, with grace and grit as our core values push us to be committed for providing excellence with novelty. We undertook endeavours which are not just unmatchable but speak volumes about the strength of Brand Qutone among competitors.

These challenging times are not only harsh but also decisive for survival of lives and businesses if not acted upon with conscious mindset.

So, putting the human values at the forefront, we prioritize our people – our customers, employees, and distributors – all in the Qutone family. To ensure the safety and well-being of the employees, precautions and safety protocols are ensured at the workplace with utmost care and concern.

With the damage already done to nature, there are few corporations who take the environment issue seriously and humbly speaking, we are one of them. All practices and processes at our end ensure the sustainability principle to save our planet with deep gratitude.

On parallel grounds, Qutone has speed up efforts to create indigenous ceramic products for its valued customers who have a taste for elegance and magnificence of Italian marble. Thus, putting value back to the community while providing jobs, infrastructure and capital, we support life cycle of nature, in our own unique way.

Breaking the monotony of the usual design formats, we consistently work with our in-house creative minds to bring forth design innovations and amazing creativity in our products.

We focus on empowering our clients to personalize their dream spaces and make them feel the closest to their ideal perception of a perfect place. Our efforts led to achieve an urban modern interior with bespoke creative space in over 60 countries. Showcasing the creativity of the space in 11 company owned experience centres; it exhibits vitality and excitement to the surfaces. With virtually endless collection-Qutone brings in ceramic wonders that attribute character to every place wherever they find application.

Our mission to adore the spaces globally cheers up new hopes for vibrant beginnings. A Brand with character never hesitates to face the harshness of situation while serving customers and delivering them with the best of splendour and novelty.

 Staying true to our ethos, we believe that the future is strong.

So is life.

And so are people.

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