Qutone was founded in 2008 by a group of like minded people with an aim to create meaningful existence for its patrons and to create a stature where we symbolize Global Innovation & Creativity.

The zeal of providing “World Class” Ceramic Products to Indian consumers was the stirring factor which eventually cultivated to even higher determination of becoming one of the Best Ceramic Tile Manufacturer Globally. 

Qutone Ceramic is the best Ceramic & Marble Tiles Manufacturer and produces luxury tiles for Wall, bedroom, living room, kitchen & Floor.

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From its inception, Qutone Ceramics has been committed to innovation and advanced technological content along with forward-looking vision. Constant upgrading of technology and infrastructure has enabled Qutone to deliver high-quality products that satisfy the customers as well as sustain the environment. Qutone has been a pioneer in several hi-tech innovations that have set the trend in the industry.


Strong Forever!

A piece of art is what life is! Beautiful, energetic, inspiring and promising! So are we. We are Qutone - a World-class Ceramic Brand that spells QUALITY! We at Qutone has a never die attitude to present the BEST whatever the circumstances be! We, at Qutone, never stop. Working, designing and striving to provide our […]

Why tiles?

When starting a new construction project or renovating, one wants to choose the best in the first go. It indeed is a pressure on one’s pocket, doing it right is important. The appeal and aesthetic of the house or building are the game changer. Qutone Ceramic thought of making the process just a little simpler […]

Qutone Ceramic on a drive to protecting the environment

In the past several years there has been a surge in organizations being more sustainable and environmental friendly. Qutone too has taken steps, contributing for a greener future. Building environmentally friendly designs is becoming our top priority; we comprehend the effects of our actions. Ceramic tile is a leap towards being environmentally sound. Ceramic tiles […]

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