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A piece of art is what life is! Beautiful, energetic, inspiring and promising! So are we. We are Qutone - a World-class Ceramic Brand that spells QUALITY! We at Qutone has a never die attitude to present the BEST whatever the circumstances be! We, at Qutone, never stop. Working, designing and striving to provide our […]

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Why tiles?

When starting a new construction project or renovating, one wants to choose the best in the first go. It indeed is a pressure on one’s pocket, doing it right is important. The appeal and aesthetic of the house or building are the game changer. Qutone Ceramic thought of making the process just a little simpler […]

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Qutone Ceramic on a drive to protecting the environment

In the past several years there has been a surge in organizations being more sustainable and environmental friendly. Qutone too has taken steps, contributing for a greener future. Building environmentally friendly designs is becoming our top priority; we comprehend the effects of our actions. Ceramic tile is a leap towards being environmentally sound. Ceramic tiles […]

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Best practices to choose and maintain child friendly tile floors

We understand the importance of home safety, cleanliness and hygiene for you and your family. When you have children, it is important to choose flooring that is low maintenance, durable, resistant to stains and safe. Qutone meet all these requirements and can be made even more child friendly with our beautiful range. Qutone successfully meets […]

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iMarble Large Format Slabs - Large Slabs for Bigger Ideas

QUTONE Ceramics brings Italian Opulence to India by launching Mega Slabs The Intelligent Marble Large format slabs have special clean and dynamic aesthetics, immediately giving a refined look to the room. The spacious look to the room almost makes it seem like a stress-free escape. The color choices are nearly limitless, from elegant whites to […]

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